Please join us in making Priscilla’s Promise: “I promise to have an annual OB-GYN visit and ask my doctor about cervical cancer prescreening tests.” Share this promise with your mother, spouse, sisters, daughters, friends and young women. Knowledge is imperative to prevent cervical cancer.
In May of 2005, Priscilla Moore Ferro was diagnosed with cervical cancer
Priscilla's Story
A loving wife and mother of three boys, Priscilla's cancer was; unfortunately, not diagnosed through her annual OB-GYN visit and Pap test. Priscilla battled the disease through surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. After a 6- month remission, her cancer returned in June 2006. While Priscilla and her family came to terms with the diagnosis, all wondered what might have been different if the disease had been detected earlier. After battling cervical cancer with grace and dignity, Priscilla Moore Ferro passed away on January 13, 2007.